Discover a one-stop destination for mining conveyor, platework, chutes, tanks and structural steel solutions. Our services includes engineering, design, technical drafting , advance fabrication capabilities, professional painting, and reliable installation, all tailored to your project’s needs

Belt Conveyors

When you opt for our custom-built conveyors, you’re embracing a solution that embodies both innovation and dependability. By transporting materials across varying distances and terrains, these conveyors contribute significantly to the augmentation of productivity within your mining operations.

Maintenance and repair

We understand the critical role that downtime plays in the mining sector, and that’s why we offer rapid response times and flexible scheduling to minimize disruptions to your operations. We recognize that the mining industry may not always have the dedicated manpower or space to perform repairs efficiently. Our comprehensive repair services encompass everything from routine maintenance and troubleshooting to equipment overhauls and custom fabrications, ensuring that you can rely on us as your trusted partner in keeping your operations running smoothly.

Custom Fabrication

Where Imagination Meets Precision

Step into the realm of custom fabrication, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. We collaborate closely with you to craft one-of-a-kind solutions that align perfectly with your needs. From concept to creation, our skilled and advanced technology converge to turn ideas into tangible reality. Whether it’s intricate designs, specialized components, or bespoke structures, our custom fabrication redefines what’s possible.

Frost ball buster

In Northern mining application, stockpile material tends to freeze up due to moisture content, large chunks of ice, commonly named frost balls, affects material handling systems, blocking systems, blocking chutes at discharges of Apron Feeders and even damaging conveyors. The Frost Ball Buster is designed to break up frozen lumps of material conveyed by the Feeders before being discharged and blocking the discharge chutes. The minimum size of the frost balls is determined by the distance between the drum and the feeder. It increases safety by eliminating the risk of sending workers to unplug chutes and eliminates expensive downtime to unplug these chutes.


Transforming Material Flow with Precision

In the dynamic realm of industrial operations, chutes emerge as the unsung heroes, orchestrating the seamless flow of materials from one stage to the next. Our chutes are engineered to navigate complex trajectories, ensuring that materials transition with finesse and precision. Whether it’s guiding bulk materials or managing intricate processes, our chutes redefine efficiency.


Enabling Storage with Unyielding Reliability

These tanks stand as reservoirs, designed not just to contain, but to preserve and protect. Our tanks embody a fusion of innovation and engineering excellence, assuring steadfast containment and enduring resilience. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, they form an integral part of your industrial infrastructure, poised to accommodate your storage needs with unyielding reliability.

Structural Steel

Structural steel fabrication is a specialized process that involves the cutting, shaping, assembling, welding, sandblasting and paintinbg of steel components to create various structural elements used in construction and industrial applications. This service offers comprehensive solutions for the production of steel structures, ensuring they meet the highest quality and safety standards.