Politique de qualité

Excellence, Our Commitment: Forging Quality That Speaks for Itself!

Management strives to give its customers a quality product to help ensure the success of their projects. The products we manufacture meet or exceed our customers’ requirements which make us an integral partner for future projects. The quality Director is responsible for the quality management system.

Our company carries out its mandates creatively in partnership with its customers and in accordance to their standards and level of quality.

The design, assembly and manufacturing of our products and services are done directly in our shop. Our assembly and paint shops are adequately equipped to ensure we meet the quality standards expected by our customers.

Our team of certified welders (CWB CSA W.47.s and W-59, Division 2.1) matched with their extensive mechanical experience ensures a high quality product and on time delivery.

We encourage our staff to strive for superior performance. The quality of our work is verified by our quality controllers. Ongoing training is given to all staff through various learning programs in the workplace.

Together with our customers, we’ve developed work methods to consistently improve our products and services while maintaining a safe work environment even when faced with accelerated deadlines.

The design department is committed to providing quality services and solutions to meet the customers’ needs.

The CAD drawings and 3D software, can help detect interferences and errors in manufacturing plans before the fabrication process begins to help reduce customer costs.

Our priorities are:

To do this, we must: